Alleged bid to abduct girls: Civilians catch two men in Talaimannar




By Dinasena Ratugamage

Residents of Talaimannar, on Thursday evening, caught two men who allegedly tried to drug and abduct two schoolgirls from Mannar recently.

The two suspects were handed over to the police along with the vehicle they had used.Law enforcement authorities in Mannar recently beefed up security near rural schools in the district following reports of alleged attempts to drug and abduct schoolchildren.

The police publicised information about the vehicle. The Talaimannar residents identified the vehicle, based on this information.

Later, the police confirmed that it was the vehicle that was used by suspects to approach the girls.A few days ago, there was a report that two men travelling in a car had offered sweets to two female students who were walking along a rural road.

They had also tried to lure the children into the car. The children had not taken up the offer and informed their parents, who, in turn, informed the principal of the school. The principal reported the incident to regional educational authorities and the police.


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