Cashiered SP Kulasiri Udugampola gives evidence pertaining to raid on military safe house at Millenium City



By A.J.A. Abeynayake

Former IGP Mahinda Balasuriya, who was a DIG in 2002, had commended him for raiding a safe house at Athurugiriya Millennium City and arresting six including army intelligence officials and a former member of the LTTE, SP Kulasiri Udugampola, who has been sent on compulsory leave, told the Colombo High Court on Wednesday.

Balasuriya said he had carried out an excellent raid, Udugampola said.SP Udugampola said Balasuriya had given him a long list of written instructions on how the investigation into the raid had to be carried out.

Balasuriya had asked him to take photos and film the firearms taken into custody, Udugampola said.Saliya Peiris, PC, appeared for Udugampola.

Udugampola said so when a case against him filed by the Attorney General on the raid was taken up.He is accused of having undermined national security by exposing the activities of military intelligence agencies.The case will be taken up again on 05 June.


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