Jerome apologizes to Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus

21 May 2023 07:46 pm – 3      – 4523


While claiming that he would definitely return to Sri Lanka, Pastor Jerome Fernando via a live video stream apologized today if his comments caused any hurt to the Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic faiths.

Pastor Fernando made the comments while joining a mass worked off in Mirihana via a video link.

However, he said his apology is not for preaching the truth but for hurting their feelings.

“I preached the gospel truth. I was preaching what was in the Bible. It is still there in the Bible. I have done nothing wrong. I want to yet apologize to my Buddhist brothers, Hindu brothers, Muslim brothers and sisters, if my words by any means have hurt you emotionally. I humbly apologize to the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka.”, he said.


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