Jerome and Natasha actors in Govt. orchestrated drama, alleges Dilan



By Rathindra Kuruwita

Jerome Fernando and Natasha Edirisooriya are actors in a drama orchestrated by the government to distract people from the real issues faced by the masses, MP Dilan Perera of Nidahasa Janatha Sabawa (NJS) alleged, addressing a press conference in Colombo on Tuesday.

“The government is very good at distracting. the government wants them to talk about Jerome or some stand-up comedy instead of people talking about inflation, X-Press Pearl compensation and cheap drugs that have made scores of people blind, ” he said.

MP Perera said that people like Fernando and Edirisooriya had links to those in power and were helping ensure that the Ranil-Rajapaksa gang stayed in power.

The government has also allowed underworld gangs to run riot in the country to convince the people that more repressive laws are needed to curb these activities.

“The government said it wants to introduce anti-terror laws that are in line with international standards, but the laws they drafted were much draconian. With these laws, the government can imprison any dissident. People are not happy with them and the government is carrying out psychological operations to make people compliant,” he said.


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