Mobile phone dealers decide to reduce retail prices by 20%

10 June 2023 04:15 pm – 7      – 1480

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Considering the appreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee against the USD, the Sri Lanka Telephone Dealers’ Association has decided to reduce the current mobile phone prices by 20 percent.

Association President Samith Senarath said due to the increase in the dollar, the purchase of mobile phones had decreased by 40 percent during the past months.

Instead of buying new phones, people have got used to getting their old phones repaired, he said.

“The prices of mobile phones increased with the increase in the dollar rate against the Sri Lankan rupee.

But with the current appreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee against the USD, the demand for mobile phones have increased again.

However, if the dollar rate increases again, mobile phone prices will also increase, the chairman said.

“As a country, there is no local manufacture of a single mobile phone or accessory. Every part has to be imported from China, Singapore, or Dubai.

All imports have to be made with US dollar payments,” he said. (Chaturanga Pradeep Samarawickrama)

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