Cargills supports SMEs in Jaffna with new markets and technical assistance



Cargills has extended its Village to Home program to Jaffna to support SMEs in the region. The program commenced in January 2023 as the company leveraged its vast infrastructure and expertise to provide small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in the Northern Province with a unique opportunity to access its large customer base and secure a consistent income stream.

Cargills worked closely with the Divisional Secretariats of Jaffna, Mullaitivu, and Kilinochchi to identify deserving SMEs from the region, who were featured every weekend at the Cargills Square mall in Jaffna. The District Secretariat of Jaffna has commended Cargills for strengthening over 40 SMEs from the locality, during the first 05 months of the year. The company has plans to expand this program to include more budding local entrepreneurs in the area, with the support of the District Secretariat.

Known for its pioneering spirit, Cargills was one of the first corporates to invest in the Northern Province. Since establishing the first Cargills FoodCity in Vavuniya back in 2004, the company has made numerous investments in the North with the objective of expediting the post-war recovery and resuscitating economic and employment security in the region. These investments include produce collection centers in Alaveddy and Kilinochchi, milk collection centers in Meesalai and Poonagary, and a primary processing facility in Kilinochchi. The expansion of the Village to Home initiative to Jaffna is a continuation of the company’s commitment to building sustainable livelihoods for communities across the country and bridging regional disparities.

The Village to Home program was initiated by Cargills in 2020, with the aim of supporting local entrepreneurs who at the time were left without market access due to the impact of the pandemic. Though the pandemic is now behind us, Cargills has continued the program, supporting over 800 SMEs along the way. Cargills provides technical assistance to help SMEs bring their products to market and Cargills Bank extends necessary financial support to empower these entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Moreover, SMEs participating in the program also have the opportunity to become registered suppliers at Cargills Retail stores across the island.


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