Canada reiterates genocide charge, holds MR, GR accountable



by Shamindra Ferdinando

The Canadian High Commission in Colombo on Wednesday (21) said that the Canadians’ thoughts were with the victims, survivors, and their loved ones, who continue to live with the pain caused by senseless violence.

The HC spokesperson said that Canada remained steadfast in advocating for the rights of victims and survivors of the conflict in Sri Lanka, as well as for all those who still face hardships.

The official said so in response to The Island query whether Canada, following investigations of her own reached the conclusion that no genocide took place here. We raised the issue in the wake of claims that Canada reversed its earlier stand pertaining to genocide accusations.

The Canadian HC spokesperson said Premier Justin Trudeau’s statement issued on May 18, 2023 simultaneously in Ottawa and Ontario to mark the first Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day clearly, reflected the Canadian stand.

Trudeau, in his message pointed out that the Canadian Parliament in May 2022 unanimously adopted a motion to make May 18 Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day. Vowing that Canada will not stop advocating for the rights of the victims and survivors of the Sri Lanka conflict, as well as for all in Sri Lanka who continue to face hardship, the PM referred to the sanctions imposed on former Presidents Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa as well as two junior military officers.


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