BJP Embraces Tamil Diaspora

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) Tamil Nadu Leader, K Annamalai, declares that he will never forgive the genocide committed against Tamils in Sri Lanka in 2009 and pledges Prime Minister Modi will deliver a political solution for Tamils.


Annamalai, the Tamil Nadu President of Bhartiya Janata Party, is visiting the United Kingdom and has made engaging with the Tamil diaspora a key part of his agenda. On Friday 23 June 2023, Annamalai joined hundreds of Tamils from the British Tamil community at a public event organised by the Global Tamil Civil Society at the Nakshatra Hall in Feltham in West London. Speaking to British Tamils at the event K Annamalai stated that both Eelam Tamils and Malayaha (Hill Country) Tamils have suffered immeasurably and both communities have been treated like a pawn in a chess game between global powers. Annamalai outlined the challenges faced by the Malayaha Tamils, who will mark the second centenary of their forced migration to Sri Lanka in 2023 from India by the UK, noting that the community had the lowest literacy levels, GDP per capita lowest and poor access to education in Sri Lanka. He also acknowledged that Tamil refugees in India have been kept in camps for very long time for no fault of theirs and the time is ripe to solve their issues.

Speaking of Eelam Tamils Annamalai declared that the people of Tamil Nadu, including himself will never forgive the way India behaved in 2009 adding India could have easily intervened and stopped the war. Annamalai reminded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the time Chief Minister of Gujarat, was the first world leader to condemn the genocide of Tamils at an event held on 10 May 2009 and went on to publicly question “What the Indian government was doing whilst my brothers and sisters are being massacred in Sri Lanka?” Annamalai pointed out that the approach of Indian government has changed since Mr Modi came to power in 2014 and highlighted the people-to-people links India is creating between Tamil Nadu and NorthEast via direct flights from Tamil Nadu to Palali, boat service from Kaaraikaal to Kankesanthurai and a possible ferry service between Mannar and Tamil Nadu. He also reminded the attendees that Mr Modi was the first world leader to visit Jaffna and meet Malayaha Tamils. Annamalai stated that the official stance of India is a full, complete and thorough implementation of 13 Amendment as per the original letter and spirit of the agreement made in 1987 including the merger of North & Eastern provinces. And added that like a diplomat he is only saying half of what he wishes to say, and the other half has to be inferred adding political rights for Tamils will need to be achieved in increments.

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He continued stating Sri Lanka is a country that is politically and financially fragile with numerous sensitive challenges, likening the situation to a saree that has fallen on a thorny bush. He emphasized the need for caution to avoid irreparable damage. Annamalai concluded by promising that BJP will solve the Tamil National Question and asked the Tamil diaspora to work with him, BJP and the Indian Government.


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