Nairobi businessman appointed country representative in Kenya



Investments Promotions State Minister Dlium Amunugama hands the letter of appointment to Ruwan Fernando for the pro bono position.

Ruwan Fernando who is residing in Nairobi, Kenya and operating his successful business ventures there with a wide knowledge of commercial activities and investment outlook in the African continent has been appointed as Sri Lanka’s representative for the Republic of Kenya.

The concept of appointing Sri Lankan businessmen who have excelled commercially and functioning successful operations overseas as country representatives is an idea of Investments Promotions State Minister Dlium Amunugama.

These appointments are pro bono (not for cash rewards) positions given as recognition to augment trade and commerce in their respective countries and globally.

Fernando has envisaged the potential for transformation and growth in the African continent and positioned himself there more than two decades ago, fostering global partnerships as the founder chairman of MAYLEEN Corporation. Later, he diversified his business by venturing into infrastructure development, civil engineering, manufacturing, E.P.C. (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), Power & energy sector developments, Electric Mobility development Investments, airlines/D.M.C., FMCG, and agribusiness in Kenya.

Further, he has established relationships with government bodies and trade organizations, collaborating with the Singapore government’s S.B.F. (Singapore Business Federation), and assisting them with matters related to Kenya. He is one of the service providers for enterprises in Singapore, a body that promotes external trade under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore in Kenya.

Working closely with Kenya’s Sri Lanka high commission office, Kenya’s investment authority, the Ministry of Trade and Industry Kenya and various other agencies involved in promoting trade and economic development locally and internationally, Ruwan Fernando has the potential to enhance and strengthen the Sri Lankan economy with his extensive regional and overseas networks as a patriotic Sri Lanka entrepreneur, Bureau of Investments stated issuing a press release yesterday.


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