PUCSL approves 14.2% cut in electricity tariff

Saturday, 1 July 2023 00:12 –      – 30

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) yesterday approved an overall 14.2% reduction in electricity tariff with effect from today (1 July).

The breakdown of respective reductions are as follows.

  • Lower electricity users in the category of 0-30 units gets a 65% reduction
  • 51.5% reduction on the electricity users who are under the category of units 31-60
  • 24.5% reduction on the electricity users who are under the category of units 61-90
  • 26.3% reduction on Hotel Sector
  • 9% reduction on Industry Category
  • 5% reduction on Commercial Buildings
  • 16% overall reduction on religious

purpose category

  • 0.8% reduction on Government

PUCSL asked CEB and LECO to take prompt action to ensure that residents of all condominium properties are billed according to their respective tariff categories.

Streetlight consumption should be metered or estimated, and the Local Authority or Road Authority shall be billed.

Security deposits obtained from consumers shall be invested and interest shall be paid out of the return on the investment.

Interest on any security deposit obtained for the supply of electricity shall be paid/deducted from the monthly bill of all consumers.

PUCSL directed to execute fuel supply agreements with CPC and Lanka Coal Company and establish Power Purchase Agreements between CEB transmission and CEB generation plants, Power Sales Agreements between Distribution Licensees and CEB Transmission Licensee.

All due payments to renewable energy based electricity generators (including small scale roof top solar) asked to be settled as soon as possible, PUCSL said.


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