President’s Office call for returning historical Coats of Arms



Presidential Secretary Saman Ekanayake has said those who removed Coats of Arms of Sri Lanka’s former Governors and past Presidents from the President’s House during protests between 09 July and 14 July, 2022, must return them immediately.

Ekanayake has requested that they be returned by 31st July, 2023, according to the President’s Media Division (PMD).

During the occupation of the President’s House by protesters from 9th July to 14th July, 2022, various valuable artifacts and other such items went missing.

Ekanayake has emphasised that the unlawful possession of state property is a punishable offence, and legal action will be instituted against the offenders.

If anyone has information pertaining to these missing items, he or she can contact the President’s Secretary via the telephone number 0112354354, the PMD says


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