OnmaxDT: Directors accused of illegally sharing Rs. 790 million among themselves

Friday, 14 July 2023 02:07 –      – 94

The Financial Crimes Invest-igation Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on Wednesday informed the courts that six directors of OnmaxDT Ltd, an illegal pyramid investment company, had unlawfully shared a total of Rs. 790 million among themselves.

According to the information provided by the CID to the courts, the six members of the board of directors had transferred the funds from the company’s account to their personal accounts.

The CID sleuths said the investigation was carried out based on a complaint made by the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The complaint noted that the company had carried out transactions amounting to more than $ 100 million and also identified the presence of suspicious bank accounts belonging to the company.

During the previous hearing, the court imposed a travel ban on six members of the board of directors involved in the fraud, namely Sampath Sandaruwan, Athula Indika, Sampath Gayashan Abeyratne, Madhuranga Prasanna, Saranga Randika, and Dhananjaya Gayan. Additionally, as part of the ongoing investigation, 58 bank accounts linked to them were frozen.

The court was also informed that the investigations are underway under Section 83 (c) (1) of the Banking Act and No. 3 of the Money Laundering Act.




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