Drug shortage forces Doctors to use drugs with severe complications: Dr. Nalinda

15 July 2023 01:08 am – 0      – 208

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The recent death of the young woman at the Peradeniya Hospital has been caused due to the shortage of drugs where the consultants and the doctors had been compelled to use available drugs as there had been no drugs with less complications in the hospital at the moment, NPP politburo member Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa said yesterday.

He told a news conference that he never refused to admit that certain drugs and injections could lead to complications one in 100,000, 500,000 or 1,000,000.

He said the Minister and Ministry officials purchase inferior quality drugs by taking this drug shortage to their advantage by putting the lives of people in danger.

Dr. Jayatissa said it was reported that some deaths had been caused due to the use of the drug ‘propofol’ and added that it had been used despite complaints made by several hospitals that this drug had led to complications.

“Homagama Hospital had reported about propofol on May 15. But, no action had been taken. Teldeniya and Matara Hospitals also reported complications of this drug in mid-May. Anesthesiologist at the Peradeniya Hospital had complained about complications of this drug. No action was taken regarding this matter despite so many complaints until a death occurred at the Eye Hospital in Colombo,” he said.

He said people are in a quandary about seeking treatment and undergoing surgeries thereby losing faith in government hospitals.

Dr. Jayatissa said a proper investigation should be conducted into all these incidents and reveal the truth to the people. (Ajith Siriwardana)


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