CEB assures uninterrupted power supply to hospitals amidst Rs. 3 b unpaid bills

Saturday, 29 July 2023 01:20 –      – 21

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  • Health Ministry pays Rs. 120 m, while Treasury agrees to settle remaining amount

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has addressed concerns regarding unpaid electricity bills of hospitals, assuring the public that the power supply to healthcare institutions will not be disconnected, regardless of any outstanding monthly dues. The announcement came in response to growing apprehension over the potential disruption of essential services due to unpaid bills.

The announcement comes in the wake of widespread uproar from various factions regarding the accumulating unpaid bills of hospitals, which raised fears of electricity supply being cut off. The CEB disclosed that hospitals and health institutions across the country collectively owe around Rs. 3 billion.

Against this backdrop, the Colombo National Hospital was notified by the CEB to settle an outstanding amount of Rs. 339 million in unpaid bills.

However, prompt actions were taken by the concerned authorities to address the situation and prevent any disruption in power supply to essential healthcare facilities.

Following the request from the CEB, the Health Ministry has taken proactive steps by making a payment of Rs. 120 million to clear a significant portion of the outstanding dues. Additionally, the Treasury has also agreed to settle the remaining amount, further alleviating the financial burden on the healthcare institutions.

The Health Ministry stated that provisions have been allocated for the maintenance of hospitals and health institutions, emphasising that it is the responsibility of the officials in charge to manage these funds efficiently. By ensuring adequate financial resources are allocated to healthcare institutions, the Ministry aims to guarantee the smooth functioning of hospitals across the country.


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