Pardon for terrorists unpardonable



The Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR), Victoria Australia, along with like-minded organisations in Australia, England and the Middle East, write to register our protest with regard to the decision of President Ranil Wickramasinghe of Sri Lanka, to offer pardon to the former LTTE cadres who participated in killing 91  innocent civilians and injuring over 1,400 people in the 1996 Central Bank bombing. This dastardly act also resulted in over 100 victims losing their eyesight, when a 440 pound bomb was detonated by LTTE terrorists. After a lengthy court hearing, the offenders were sentenced to 200 years of imprisonment for the heinous crimes they committed.

In addition, the blow to the country’s economy was substantial with the crippling of functions at the Central Bank. The tourism industry too which sustained colossal damage took many years to recover.

Eleven LTTE members were charged with the bombing of the Central Bank, ten of them were indicted on a total of 712 counts, including the intention to cause death and committing murder and the destruction of state property. In 2002, Judge Sarath Ambepitiya issued an open warrant to arrest LTTE’s illusive leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran in connection with the 1996 Central Bank Bombing. The judge found the terrorist leader guilty on 51 counts and sentenced him in absentia to 200 years in prison.

We are aware that the Presidential pardoning arrangements in Sri Lanka have been misused on many occasions and we unreservedly condemned all those decisions. To use the executive powers and offer pardon to criminals who were found guilty of causing the death of 91 persons cannot be justified by any rational Sri Lankan.

We call upon all patriotic Sri Lankan legislators and organisations, both local and global to register their protests and request the President with respect to revoke this irrational and tainted political decision, soon after returning from his visit to India.

It is believed that this poor decision has been made primarily to appease India and the SrI Lankan Tamil political leaders, totally disregarding the impact it has on the kith and kin of those that lost their lives or the hurt it would cause to those maimed in perpetuity.

We urge the President not to proceed with the decision to release LTTE murderers who are serving prison sentences for their crimes..



SPUR – Victoria






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