Govt. increased fuel prices to please Sinopec – Trade unionist



By Rathindra Kuruwita

The government had increased the price of fuel to enable Sinopec, China’s leading international petroleum company to maximise profit, Convenor of the SJB trade union wing, Samagi Joint Trade Union Alliance, Ananda Palitha, alleged yesterday.

Palitha said that the first consignment of fuel was brought in by Sinopec on 30 July.

This had 95 octane petrol and super diesel, he said. The second consignment contained 92 octane petrol.

“On 30 July, we raised the price of 92 Octane petrol by Rs 20 to Rs 348 . Octane 95 was also increased by Rs 10 to Rs 375 a litre. Super Diesel was increased by Rs 12 to Rs 358 per litre. This would help increase Sinopec profits,” Palitha said.

Palitha said that the government had said fuel prices would drop due to competition when foreign players entered the retail fuel market.

“The exact opposite is happening. Instead of a state owned monopoly, which in some way has to answer to the people, we will get a few private sector companies running the show. People will realise the mess they are in, soon,” he said.


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