JVP worried about Ranil putting Sri Lanka under ‘Madani’



By Saman Indrajith

The government has moved beyond selling strategic industries and has started selling entire districts to foreign countries, National Peoples’ Power (NPP) stalwart Sunil Handunnetti said, addressing a seminar in Colombo on Thursday (03) night.

“Ranil went to India recently and met Modi. But the real important meeting was with billionaire Adani. In India, people call Modi ‘Madani’. Because Adani is Modi’s pillar of power. Adani calls shots,” he said.

Handunnetti said that neither India nor Ranil Wickemesinghe care about the Tamil people.

“India wants Trincomalee. Already, India owns most of the strategic institutions and sites there. Soon, Ranil will unofficially hand over Trincomalee to India,” he said.During President Wickremesinghe’s visit to India, there was an agreement to develop an energy and logistics hub in Trincomalee.


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