Irrigation Dept. asks for more water from Mahaweli reservoirs to save paddy cultivation



By Rathindra Kuruwita

The Irrigation Department is seeking to obtain water from Mahaweli reservoirs to supply water to farmers in Anuradhapura, Director of Irrigation in Anuradhapura, Engineer S.D. Mediwaka told the media yesterday.

Apart from Yan Oya, Rajanganaya and Thuruwila tanks, all other tanks, under the Irrigation Department, are at less than 30 percent of their capacity, he mentioned.

Mediwaka said he has asked the Mahaweli Authority to provide water to Nuwara Wewa, Nachchaduwa, Thissa Wewa and Thuruwila tanks.

“According to the Met Department, we won’t get any rain in August. We already got Mahaweli water, at the end of July, to provide water to farmers depending on Nachchaduwa. We hope to do the same next week, too. We are trying to manage,” he said.

Meanwhile, farmers dependent on Udawalawa Tank, are continuing to agitate for water. They are demanding that the government transfer some water from the Samanala Wewa.


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