Corruption probe: Top CPC official flees abroad



Letter of resignation sent through wife

A senior official of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC),under investigation for massive losses, suffered over a period of time, has resigned after having gone abroad, authoritative sources told The Island yesterday (07).

The former Deputy General Manager, responsible for the commercial and supply chain had been investigated for what sources called ‘out turn losses’ (difference between what the crude oil tanker pumped and what Sapugaskanda refinery received)

Sources said that it was going on for years and the then debt-ridden CPC had been compelled to pay huge amounts as ‘out turn losses’ to suppliers.

Informed sources said that contrary to the CPC’s claims, none of those responsible for the huge losses had been properly investigated. The Power and Energy Ministry and CPC would now place the entire blame on the ex-Deputy GM while his associates side-stepped the law.

Sources asked how the DGM concerned had obtained permission to leave the country if he had been under investigation.

Trade union sources said that a senior employee holding such a critically important position couldn’t have resigned without obtaining security clearance and properly relinquishing his duties. Sources said that one person couldn’t have perpetrated the alleged frauds, under any circumstances. Therefore, a thorough investigation was required to identify all persons responsible.

Responding to another query, sources asked how the senior employee concerned sent his letter of resignation through his wife. The CPC and Power and Energy Ministry owed an explanation whether the officer would be asked to come back to assist the ongoing investigation. He is believed to be in Canada (SF).


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