Iran’s Ambassador informs Prime Minister Uma Oya hydroelectricity project nears completion

Tuesday, 8 August 2023 00:55 –      – 110

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  • Prime Minister thanks Iran for funding electricity project

Iranian Ambassador Hashem Ashjazadeh informed Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena that the Uma Oya hydroelectricity project has reached completion.

Following rigorous testing of the reservoir and 120 MW generators, the project is set to be commissioned later this year.

During a weekend tour to Monaragala, Ampara, and other areas within the Eastern Province to address farmer-related concerns, Prime Minister held a meeting with Ambassador Ashjazadeh and FARAB Chief Representative Officer Nima Nikdel to gain insights into the project’s progress.

Nikdel conveyed that inspection teams from the US and Europe are set to conclude their evaluations within the coming months, paving the way for both power generation and the release of water for irrigation.

The Uma Oya Project, upon completion, will contribute a substantial 120 MW (two 60 MW generators) of electricity to the national power grid while simultaneously releasing a staggering 145 million cubic meters of water, vital for irrigating 50,000 acres of arid land. The electricity harnessed from Uma Oya will be seamlessly transmitted through a dedicated transmission line to Badulla before being integrated into the national power grid.

Ambassador Ashjazadeh expressed satisfaction over the successful conclusion of a barter trade agreement that will see Iran exchanging crude oil for Sri Lankan tea. The initiation of this trade is anticipated to commence next month.

In response, Prime Minister Gunawardena conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the Iranian Government for its generous support during Sri Lanka’s economic challenges and for its dedication to developmental projects within the country.

Also, present during the meeting were Iran Embassy Economic and Consular Section Chief K. Soheil and Additional Secretary to the Prime Minister Mahinda Gunaratne highlighting the collaborative efforts underway to drive progress and strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries.


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