Godahewa accuses President of implementing previously unsuccessful plan

Friday, 11 August 2023 02:07 –      – 22

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FPC member and MP Dr. Nalaka Godahewa 

  • Says President’s five-fold process to build new nation in 60 months failed to yield results before
  • Claims not a single promise made in plan was fulfilled
  • Accuses Wickremesinghe of excelling at merely peddling dreams 

Freedom People’s Congress (FPC) member MP Dr. Nalaka Godahewa yesterday accused President Ranil Wickremesinghe of re-enacting the same ‘five-fold process to build a new nation in 60 months’ plan which was initially introduced by him in 2015, despite its obvious failure to yield results.

Furthermore, Godahewa emphasised that the proposals presented by the President in Parliament, regarding the strengthening of provincial councils, held an underlying motive focused on upcoming elections rather than a sincere commitment to the cause.

The MP drew parallels between Wickremesinghe’s ‘Regaining Sri Lanka’ program of 2002 which could not be fully implemented due to political changes in the country, to his  ‘five-fold manifesto to build the country in 60 months’ manifesto put forward for the 2015 parliamentary election.

“This manifesto contained the same concepts of the ‘Regaining Sri Lanka Program.  It had many grand promises. For instance, it was proclaimed that by 2023, Sri Lanka would become a debt-free nation by significantly reducing borrowing. From 2015 to 2019, not a single promise was fulfilled,” he noted.

“The country’s resources were sold, leading to a massive debt trap. Amid a five-year period of rapid growth in the Asian region, Sri Lanka’s economic growth rate declined year after year. Ultimately, after 60 months, all that remained was a failed country, its credit rating downgraded by international agencies, rendering it unable to secure foreign loans,” he added.

The MP said a careful analysis of his 2023 budget announcement reveals the President’s intent to reintroduce the same economic development plan outlined in the ‘five-fold policy statement to build the country in 60 months’.

“Upon reviewing the targets set forth in the budget, it is apparent that we are significantly behind the projected goals after six months. We find ourselves 23% short of the expected revenue,” he noted.

Highlighting the many economic struggles of the country’s industries and the people, Godahewa said President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s economic management has proven futile once again.

“President Ranil Wickremesinghe excels at peddling dreams. He is a dream merchant, and many individuals buy into his visions. However, when morning arrives, these visions remain mere dreams. His offerings extend beyond economic aspirations to encompass various other realms. For instance, he expounded upon numerous notions about bolstering provincial councils in parliament yesterday. While certain aspects may appear appealing, a thorough analysis unveils underlying dangers,” he noted.


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