Former Bribery Commission DG to be cleared of all charges

Thursday, 10 August 2023 00:04 –      – 475

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The Public Service Commission of Sri Lanka has reportedly decided to clear the former Bribery Commission Director General Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe from all charges against her. Wickramasinghe was interdicted in September 2019 subsequent to the public disclosure of a recorded telephone conversation between her and the Chairman of Avant-Garde Maritime Services, Nissanka Senadhipathi.

The telephone exchange had occurred between Wickramasinghe and Senadhipathi purportedly around a matter of legal procurement. This conversation reportedly took place while the former Solicitor General was attending a dinner with former Minister Vajira Abeywardena.

Reportedly, Abeywardana had handed his phone to Wickramasinghe, informing her that Nissanka Senadhipathi was on the other end of the call and wished to speak with her.

Subsequently, Wickramasinghe was interdicted and placed on compulsory leave by the Public Service Commission after the conversation was uploaded to YouTube and disseminated through various media outlets in September 2019.

However, three expert reports, including one from the University of Moratuwa have all attested that the recording had undergone significant editing, manipulation, and substantial distortion. Senadhipathi himself reportedly acknowledged these findings during the investigation into the incident.

Accordingly, in August 2021 the Administrative Appeals Tribunal issued specific instructions directing the Public Service Commission to rescind its order and enable Wickramasinghe to promptly return to her role as Solicitor General. However, Wickramasinghe has since reached her age of retirement.

Additionally, the tribunal’s investigation had revealed that Wickramasinghe had been ensnared into engaging in the phone conversation with Senadhipathi during the dinner with former Minister Vajira Abeywardana.



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