DIMO partners with Israel’s HomeBiogas to turn organic waste into clean renewable energy



This sustainable mechanism helps generate clean energy, manage waste and produce organic fertiliser

DIMO, a leading diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka, partnered with HomeBiogas, a global leader in developing off-grid biogas systems based in Israel, to introduce a host of HomeBiogas products which enable people and businesses in Sri Lanka to transform their organic waste into self-made clean cooking gas and organic liquid fertiliser.

Through this partnership, DIMO introduces three biogas systems to the Sri Lankan market. The HomeBiogas system 2 is for small-scale households (urban and pre-urban areas), the HomeBiogas system 4 is for households with larger backyard space and HomeBiogas system 6 caters to businesses such as small restaurants and farms, each converting organic waste into clean cooking gas and organic liquid fertiliser. Each system has four major components, the digestive tank, the gas tank, the inlets, and the outlets. Additionally, gas stoves and accessories such as gas filters will also be provided. The complete installation process of each system takes approximately two hours.

Ranjith Pandithage, Chairman & Managing Director of DIMO said, “We believe that this is a sustainable approach, which will enable us to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and find solutions for issues such as sourcing clean energy, waste management, and access to organic fertiliser. DIMO is proud to partner HomeBiogas to introduce these solutions to the nation and to continue fuelling the dreams and aspirations of all Sri Lankans.”

DIMO has already installed HomeBiogas systems in Polonnaruwa – Kandakaduwa – Army Farm, Kandy -Digana – Mid Country Livestock Development and Training Center and Agarapathana – Manikpalama – National Livestock Development Board (NLDB) Farm.


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