Open letter to members of Sri Lankan Parliament



To: Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members of Parliament.

Dear Members of Parliament,

The Sri Lanka’s economic targets have not been met in recent months. Signs are that the economy is not moving as expected. This ship is sinking and we could easily end up as impoverished as the unfortunate Ethiopians.

Appropriate action is needed to be taken, urgently.

Our President has said he will only be guided by Parliament on these matters.

Therefore, please consider this letter a call for you all to work for the betterment of the economy.

The need of the hour is for more exports; Sri Lanka needs export driven growth – fast!

These exports can be the traditional products such as rubber, tea, cocoa beans and coconuts. But it is better when there is value added as in the case of liqueur chocolates.

Or, we can prepare and seize opportunities by selling manufactured goods. We can create our own opportunities by innovative thinking in the creating value and exporting sector.

Imagine the possibilities that will open up when the Russian- Ukrainian “Special Military Operation” ceases and Ukraine has to be rebuilt. But such opportunities will only be available to entrepreneurs of nimble, swift action.

Sri Lanka needs to don its ‘strategic thinking’ cap. The targets must be those countries with budget surpluses. What are the opportunities to sell them our goods at a profit?

Only the suggestions and actions of you, most honourable ladies and gentlemen, can break the stagnation and revive the economy. The country has been immensely rich and wealthy in the past, and these days can return with your active participation in the export generating field.

We, the helpless general public, look to your leadership to make progress in this matter of economic revival.

Priyantha Hettige



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