Kanchana questions CEB over one-day AGM promotion

Thursday, 17 August 2023 00:02 –      – 38

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  • Minister notes similar incidents have occurred at CEB previously as well 
  • Claims he was told staffer was to be promoted but missed out due to delay in approvals 
  • Says he has sought clarification from the management on the matter 
Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera

The Ministry of Power and Energy has requested an explanation from the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) concerning the promotion of Eng. N.U. Perera to the position of Additional General Manager (Distribution Division 02) just a day before her retirement.

In a letter dated 14 August 2023, CEB General Manager G.A.R.D.P. Seneviratne had taken steps to promote CEB Engineer N.U. Perera to Special Class of Engineering Service (Executive Category) and appoint her as the Additional General Manager in charge of subjects and functions assigned to SBU/Distribution Division 02 with immediate effect.

In the same letter addressed to Perera, the CEB General Manager also acknowledges her retirement just a day later on 15 August 2023.  The circulation of the communique, along with another by the CEB Engineers Union requesting the Chairman to promote Perera has now prompted the Minister to call for an explanation.

Experts slammed the move and accused the CEB of promoting the staffer to merely increase her salary which would invariably lead to an increase in her pension. The post of Additional General Manager is the second highest-paid job in the CEB.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara said he was aware the incident has gained attention on social media.  “I am aware that this isn’t the first instance of such an occurrence within the CEB. Similar instances have taken place previously,” he said

The Minister revealed that on inquiries he was informed Perera had been employed by the CEB for nearly 32 years and was in line for a promotion. “However it had not gone through due to a delay in approvals,” the Minister said.

“I have raised this matter with the management and requested an explanation,” he added.


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