Promoting staffer day before retirement to boost pension benefits: Minister calls for report

21 August 2023 10:14 pm – 0      – 1162

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The Power and Energy Ministry today requested a report over the promotion of a Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) employee to the position of Additional General Manager merely a day before her scheduled retirement.

The announcement was made during a meeting held with the Minister and the CEB board of directors at the ministry today.

In a letter dated August 14, the CEB General Manager G.A.R.D.P. Seneviratne had taken steps to promote CEB Engineer N.U. Perera to the Special Class of Engineering Service (Executive Category) and appoint her as the Additional General Manager in charge of subjects and functions assigned to SBU/Distribution Division 02 with immediate effect.

In the same letter addressed to Perera, Seneviratne informs the staffer that on her retirement just a day later, on August 15, she must hand over duties back to Eng. K.G.R.F. Comester, who will once again cover the functions of Additional General Manager (Distribution Division 02) from August 16 onwards.

“As the current General Manager is to retire next month, it was informed that the approval of the Ministry should be obtained before appointing a new General Manager and that the proposed individual should be one who can continue for at least three years of service,” the Minister said.

“They were apprised of the current progress in the restructuring work of the Electricity Board. It was also informed that as soon as the approval of the Attorney General is received, the necessary Cabinet approval will be obtained for the restructuring draft, and the importance of not implementing decisions that hinder or challenge the work during this period of the restructuring procese was reminded,” the Minister said.

It was also pointed out that since a human resource audit is being implemented in conjunction with the restructuring programne, new recruitments and confirmations should not be made, and permission from the Ministry should be obtained in each case.

It was also advised to nominate officers who can serve for three years or more and to use online methods to do the same without travelling. They were told to stop buying or renting new buildings and offices as a physical resource audit was being carried out, and their attention was also directed towards stopping vehicle rentals.

The Minister instructed that since the 8% contribution of the Electricity Board to the pension fund is not sufficient, it should be increased, and for the implementation of the long-term electricity plan to stop emergency electricity purchases and provide electricity continuously, arrangements must be made for the procurement of electricity. (Chaturanga Pradeep Samarawickrama)


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