Planters’ Association decries verbal abuse by Minister Thondaman on Ratwatte estate management

Thursday, 24 August 2023 00:40 –      – 66

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The Planters Association of Ceylon yesterday condemned the verbal abuse by Water Supply and Estate Infrastructure Development Minister JeevanThondaman on Ratwatte estate management.

On Sunday (20 August), Thondaman used abusive language and threatened the senior management of Ratwatte Estate, belonging to Elkaduwa Plantations.

“The Planters’ Association of Ceylon vehemently condemns this verbal attack and calls for an impartial investigation,” the industry body said in a statement.

It said the situation arose due to non-workers of the estate having put up illegal constructions, which the management wanted removed immediately. After reporting the matter to the police, the management exercised their authority to protect the state property as custodians of the land, in accordance with the law. The land of Ratwatte Estate belongs to the Government with Elkaduwa Plantations having been awarded the management contract for it.

“As the apex body of the plantation industry, we condemn such acts of high-handed, abuse and threat by a Government cabinet Minister. We call upon the Minister to allow the management of relevant plantation companies to resolve such internal issues, in accordance with the laws of the land,” Planters Association emphasised.



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