Intelligence services reveal Catholic behind Kurundi unrest: Minister

25 August 2023 10:57 am – 11      – 2242

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Local intelligence services have identified a Catholic was behind the unrest situation that has been created in Kurundi, State Minister of Defense Premitha Bandara Tennakoon said yesterday.

He told parliament that international intelligence services had not issued any warnings to the government on possible racial and religious unrest in the country as reported by certain media and social media.

The Minister said local intelligence services have identified that certain groups were trying to create racial and religious unrest in certain places in the country with political provocation and that the government, security forces and intelligence services have paid special attention to the developments.

He said intelligence services have identified that a catholic residing in Mullaitivu has paid special interest to the Kurundi incident and trying to create issues there.

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa earlier in the day called on the government to brief all political parties and all other factions concerned regarding the recent reports in local and international media saying that possible religious and racial class as revealed by intelligence units.

He told Parliament that local and international media had reported quoting intelligence units that there is a possibility of class between religious and racial groups which could lead to explosions and unrest in the country.

The Opposition Leader said it was a serious matter which affects national security and urged the government to brief all political parties and all other factions concerned on the authenticity of the media reports.

He said the government should pay special attention to the turmoil that occurred in the country after the Easter Sunday attacks and take steps to prevent a similar situation again.(Ajith Siriwardana and Yohan Perera)


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