Gnanam Foundation commits Rs. 4 b more for Sri Lanka

Saturday, 26 August 2023 00:01 –      – 70

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World-renowned charitable organisation Gnanam Foundation announced this week it has committed a further Rs. 4 billion for Sri Lanka.

The Gnanam Foundation has impacted the lives of many people across communities, all over the world. It has undertaken several projects in Sri Lanka focused on infrastructure development, medical care and children’s education among others.

Through the years, the Gnanam Foundation has improved the lifestyle of various communities in the country. Notably, in its Village Development project, Gnanam Foundation provided people at the Poonthottam camp with housing, furnished with several amenities.

In the years to come, Gnanam Foundation has decided to direct its focus towards providing quality education for children across the country. The Gnanam Foundation has already executed several pilot projects focusing on the same.

Recently, the Foundation attracted more children toward schools by providing them with a balanced meal that not only improves their health but also provides an opportunity to get educated. The Foundation additionally ensures that the schools are equipped with laboratories, libraries, and the required teaching equipment.

Apart from this, the Gnanam Foundation has improved the lifestyle of the people by providing them with bicycles, sewing machines, and writing instruments. This allows the people to up skill themselves, create a micro business and ultimately contribute to the economy of the nation. Gnanam Foundation also ensures that the people are provided with medical facilities ranging from basic support to complicated scenarios like dialysis.

The Foundation’s Brand Ambassador Santhosh Narayanan has constantly supported several initiatives. “Our main aim is to focus on the education of children who are the future of the nation. Gnanam works day and night tirelessly to improve the lives of the needy all over the world,” Narayanan said.

The Foundation’s Co-Founder Prema Subaskaran said: “The Lyca Group and the Gnanam Foundation have a special relationship with the country and the people of Sri Lanka and are prepared to do whatever it takes to uplift the lives of Sri Lankans.”


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