Sharp eye on attempts to rouse communal passion but no foreign intelligence on the subject



The defence authorities have observed that there are attempts to create communal disharmony and disturbances with the intention of gaining political advantage and intelligence and security apparatus are closely monitoring the situation, Defence State Minister Pramitha Bandara Tennakoon told Parliament on Thursday.

He said that attention of the intelligence and security authorities are drawn to possible clashes centering the Kurundimale temple in Mullaitivu district. He also said no foreign intelligence has been received of attempts to rouse communal passions.

Responding to a query by Opposition and SJB leader Sajith Premadasa, Minister Tennakoon said: We have observed very clearly that there are attempts to create communal disturbances and racial violence. The government security forces are on alert on these attempts.

For example a person by the name Anthony Jeganathan has raised special concerns about the Kurundi archaeological site. He is a Catholic and we have a serious question about his bona fides. It has been observed that he is making a special effort to instigate people on communal lines. The minister said that he had no time to respond to each and every rumor and Facebook post.

Opposition Leader Premadasa making a special statement said that both local and foreign media have reported that Indian intelligence agencies have warned of possible communal riots in Sri Lanka.

“They have warned of parties and individuals involved in creating disturbances and unrest over the Kurundimale temple in Mullaitivu. Foreign media reported a leak of Indian intelligence reports warning of imminent communal riots that could be created by the disputes and controversies over the temple.

We are on the verge of another explosion of communal violence. This is a dangerous issue and also a matter that affects national security. We had experienced the consequences of security forces not heeding prior warnings of the Indian intelligence agencies on Easter Sunday attacks,” Premadasa said.Minister Tennakoon said that no intelligence has been officially conveyed by any foreign agency to their local counterparts with regard to possible communal riots.


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