Forensic audit on CPC can proceed despite ex-top official’s absence



Mohamed Uvais Mohamed

By Shamindra Ferdinando

CPC Chairman Mohamed Uvais Mohamed yesterday (28) said that the proposed forensic audit to ascertain the financial status of his organisation could be conducted despite the absence of a former senior official.

The CPC Chairman said so when The Island asked him whether the state enterprise would ask Deputy General Manager (Commercial and Supply chain) M.K. Garusinghe, who left the country early this month, to return to assist the forensic audit. Garusinghe is believed to have moved to Toronto, Canada, apparently without the knowledge of anyone at the Corporation.

Uvais Mohamed received the appointment on 07 June, last year, about a month before the change of the government. Previously, he served as the Chairman and Managing Director of Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited (CPSTL).

Responding to another query, the top official said that the CPC, on the instructions of the Power and Energy Minister, had chosen a private organisation to conduct the forensic audit. Uvais Mohamed explained that the audit was not aimed at Garusinghe, or any other individual, but a total assessment of the state enterprise.

CPC trade union sources told The Island that such a senior official couldn’t have resigned after having left the country. “We are aware the former DGM sent his letter of resignation through his wife,” Samagi Jana Balawegaya trade union leader in the Petroleum sector, Ananda Palitha, said. The trade unionist added that the massive ‘out turn losses’ suffered by the CPC (differences between Bill of Laden (commonly known as B/L) – what Crude Oil tanker pump) and out turn (what CPC received at Sapugaskanda Refinery tanks) couldn’t be properly investigated without Garusinghe’s cooperation.

A colossal amount of money had been paid as ‘out turn losses’ to suppliers. Other sources said that the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption had recorded a statement from Garusinghe some time back.

Asked whether the CPC would ask Garusinghe to return in case his ‘assistance’ was required to proceed with forensic audit and subsequent actions, the CPC Chairman said that the government could seek the assistance of Interpol in such an eventuality.


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