CEB bleeds Rs. 2.7 Billion over Samanala Wewa Reservoir’s water leak

2 September 2023 06:02 am – 0      – 36

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In what appeared to be a startling revelation, 78 MCM of water (million cubic metres) is leaked from Samanala Wewa annually, a reservoir meant for hydropower generation, causing a loss of Rs.2. 7 billion to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), a top engineer said yesterday.

He said the rate of water leaks varies with the reservoir level.

“The CEB is currently taking steps to fill the exposed sinkholes with mud and soil. Further lowering of the reservoir has been requested for effective mending,” CEB Assistant General Manager –Generation Division Dammika Navaratne said.

Earlier, Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said water had leaked from several points of the reservoir primary meant for power generation, and action is now underway to mend these leaking points for the conservation of more water.

He said leaked water is used by some people downstream for agricultural and mini-hydropower generation activities. (Kelum Bandara)


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