Rare words of praise from Auditor General for Kalubovitiyana Tea Factory Limited



Chairman of Kalubovitiyana Tea Factory Limited, Aminda Rodrigo, first row (extreme right), with other members of the top management(pic courtesy parliament)

… at last successful public enterprise that adheres to financial regulations

Auditor General W.P.C. Wickremaratne has said the relatively small Kalubovitiyana Tea Factory Ltd., had followed recommendations made by the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) way back in 2013 and achieved excellent results.

The AG said so when commenting on the state enterprise recording a significant Rs 2 bn income in 2022, the year of unprecedented turmoil, and a profit of Rs 214 mn after the payment of taxes. Wickremaratne said that such a successful state enterprise hadn’t come before COPE for a long time.

The meeting held on 08 Sept., in Parliament, was chaired by Prof. Ranjith Bandara, MP. A statement issued by Parliament’s Director Legislative Services/Director Communication (Acting) Janakantha Silva quoted the Chairman of the Kalubovitiyana Tea Factory Limited, Aminda Rodrigo, as having said that their tea factories in the districts of Matara, Galle and Kandy had overcome daunting challenges to achieve success.

The COPE Chair congratulated the institution on its progress.



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