SL remains open for both undersea, overhead lines with 120 km in length

13 September 2023 06:02 am – 5      – 1446

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In the establishment of power grid connectivity with India, Sri Lanka remains open for either undersea cables or overhead lines, a top official of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) said.

The evolution of the technical report is now in advanced stages, and the two countries are expected to finalize it in a week.

The CEB official who is familiar with the project told Daily Mirror that the Sri Lankan side submitted all the details to the Power Grid Corporation of India.

“We have proposed both undersea cables and overhead lines. We are open for either ones. In case of undersea cables, the initial cost is high. Though the original cost is less for overhead lines suspended on transmission towers, it is costly for maintenance afterwards. We have proposed both options,” he said.

Asked about the total length of the power line, he said it will be around 120 kilometers.

“This might change slightly depending on the connection points to be chosen later,” he said.

Earlier, during the visit of President Ranil Wickremesinghe to India, the two sides signed an agreement to link the two power grids. India’s Adani Group has also already launched investment in Sri Lanka to generate wind power. India has currently linked its grid with Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. (Kelum Bandara)


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