Former President J.R. Jayawardena is a role model for contemporary political leaders -Former Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.



Former Speaker Karu Jayasuriya delivering the Keynotee address at former President J R Jayawardena’s birth anniversary commemoration

Delivering the keynote address at former President J R Jayawardena’s birth anniversary commemoration held on Sunday at the Jayawardene Center in Colombo 07, former speaker  Karu Jayasuriya said the former president is a role model for contemporary political leaders.

Former speaker Karu Jayasuriya said-

“As an impartial observer, I am delighted to partake in this occasion today.

J.R. firmly believed in the privatization of financially struggling public institutions, a vision championed by Mr. Jayawardena. He also advocated for the reevaluation of these institutions. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of collaboration between government and private entities to create job opportunities for the nation’s youth, a model exemplified by China’s economic success through such joint ventures.

At certain junctures, the executive presidential system had the authority to appoint and dismiss leaders of the nation. Mr. Jayawardena was known for his resolute decision-making, rarely altering his choices unless compelled by populist pressures.

The Japanese people hold Mr. Jayawardena in high esteem, as he once represented Japan on the international stage. His leadership during his tenure fostered a cadre of talented young individuals, empowering them to contribute to the country’s progress.

Moreover, Mr. Jayawardena significantly advanced the education sector in Sri Lanka, showcasing exemplary leadership qualities that serve as a model for contemporary political leaders.

Despite his dedicated service to the people, JR remained humble, eschewing personal fame. He was also the architect of the Colombo Plan, a testament to his visionary leadership.

During his tenure, Sri Lanka achieved notable milestones in healthcare, transportation and infrastructure development, including the establishment of hydroelectric power plants.

His adept diplomacy with foreign nations greatly benefited the country, fostering stronger trade relations worldwide, particularly through the Colombo Plan.

JR is remembered as a prominent leader and we pay our respects to Mr. Jayawardena for his remarkable contributions to our nation.”


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