Govt. disburses Rs. 799.5 m to 113,713 ‘Aswesuma’ beneficiaries in July

Thursday, 21 September 2023 03:26 –      – 21

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State Minister of Finance Shehan Semasinghe


State Minister of Finance Shehan Semasinghe yesterday confirmed that the Government has disbursed a total of Rs. 799.5 million to 113,713 beneficiaries under the ‘Aswesuma’ program for July.

As of yesterday, a remarkable 1,162,245 beneficiaries have received a total disbursement of Rs. 7.28 billion, a testament to the program’s wide-reaching impact on vulnerable groups. These funds serve as a crucial lifeline for those facing economic challenges, providing much-needed support during these trying times.

Taking to ‘X’, Semasinghe said funds are set to be directly credited to the accounts of the beneficiaries through various banks, ensuring a streamlined and efficient distribution process.

This initiative aims to provide targeted financial relief to vulnerable individuals and families countywide.

He also said further efforts are underway to address appeals and objections related to the program, with the commitment to ensure that all eligible beneficiaries receive their rightful assistance.

This additional step demonstrates the Government’s dedication to fair and transparent distribution practices.

The ‘Aswesuma’ program stands as a cornerstone in the Government’s commitment to prioritise the welfare of its citizens, particularly those facing financial difficulties exacerbated by economic challenges.



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