By Norman Palihawadane

Former National Director of the World Catholic Association for Communications (SIGNIS), Father Cyril Gamini Fernando Thursday questioned why the government and police are afraid of peaceful marches and demonstrations demanding justice for the Easter victims.

Addressing the media at a press conference held at the Centre for Society and Religion in Maradana, the Catholic priest asked: “Why are the Government and the Police afraid of such marches? Will delivering justice affect any person negatively?”

He said that Negombo SP Eric Perera, Negombo HQI and a group of other officers had moved the Negombo Magistrates Court requesting an order to prevent the march of prayer organized by the Catholic Church along with other commemoration events organized in Katuwapitiya.

Saying that similar attempts had been made by the Wattala Police as well, he said “the true aim of the Police in making such a request is abundantly clear to all of us.”

 “This is not an attempt to topple the Government or cause violence or harm anybody. This is just another step of the people’s attempts to demand justice for the victims of the Easter Sunday attack four years ago and to know the truth behind these incidents. This is not a terrorist act. Is asking for truth and justice terrorism?” queried Fr Fernando.

“We reject the attempt by the Police to portray the exercise of the people’s right to demand justice as an act of terrorism.”

Fr Fernando said the people have been forced to take to the streets as justice has not been delivered for four years. Only the criminals would be perturbed by these demands. “Just and fair rulers as well as officials would not worry about this.”

Fr. Fernando said the President and the Government should either reveal why justice cannot be delivered and whether delivering justice would affect any particular person. The Police had also attempted to obtain a court order against the march organized by the JVP-led NPP to commemorate the devastating Easter Sunday attack and demand justice for the victims.


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