12 June 2023 03:11 pm – 22      – 6293

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President Ranil Wickremesinghe pulled up officials of the Archaeology Department over an issue pertaining to the allocation of lands to an Archaeological site.

The President asked the Archaeology Department official “Are you trying to teach me history? Or do you want me to teach you?”

The conversation took place during a meeting with the President and representatives of the Tamil Political parties.

When the Archaeology Department official said that they were planning to acquire some 270 acres of land for the said Archaeological site, the President asked him if it was bigger than the Maha Viharaya.

“Why do you need 275 acres? Is it bigger than the Mahaviharaya? All three Maha Viharaya, Jethavanaramaya and
Abhayagiri will not take up 100 acres,” he said.




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