10 June 2023 02:35 pm – 4      – 755

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Following a discussion with the Agriculture Minister, the poultry producers said that a kilogramme of chicken meat can be brought down to Rs.1,200 within three months, the poultry owners said.

They said the price of a kilogramme of chicken is being sold in the range of Rs.1,300.

The industrialists who were at the discussion with the minister said it would be possible to reach an agreement with the Ministry to reduce this price.

During the discussion, the minister made a request to the poultry owners to take measures to give the benefit of the increased value of the rupee against the dollar to the consumers.

He also mentioned that although the government has given necessary concessions to protect this industry, the consumers have not received the benefits.

Due to bad weather conditions, the fishing industry has been disrupted, the demand for chicken has increased, the minister said. (Chaturanga Pradeep Samarawickrama)


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