The Dutch Government has agreed to return six ancient artifacts that were taken from Sri Lanka during the Dutch colonial rule (1656-1796), the Information Department announced.

The artifacts include a bronze cannon adorned with silver and traditional Sinhalese carvings, a wooden gun carriage, a solid gold sword-chestnut belonging to Lewke Disawe embellished with 136 diamonds, two guns with intricately carved wooden handles, an iron sword and scabbard, a gilded small gun barrel, and a bronze gun.

Upon the request of Presidential Advisor on National Security and Chief of Presidential Staff Sagala Ratnayake, the Dutch Government has agreed to repatriate these ancient items to Sri Lanka. Once returned, the artifacts will be placed in a specially constructed chamber at the Colombo National Museum, under the supervision of the Dutch Government.

In preparation for the arrival of the artifacts, the National Museum has taken measures to establish a climate-controlled chamber to ensure their preservation and protection from weather-related damage.

The construction of this chamber is scheduled to be completed by September, with expectations that the artifacts will be brought back to Sri Lanka during the first week of October.


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