By Saman Indrajith

SJB MP Eran Wickramaratne says that there has been a severe erosion of public confidence in police and that would further worsen if a corrupt officer with human rights charges against his name is appointed to the IGP post.

“People have no faith at all about the police and its investigations. There are two JMO reports on the mysterious death of businessman Dinesh Schaffter. Now we are told that there are two DNA reports on Sarah Jasmine who was involved in Easter Sunday terror attacks.

“The post of IGP should not be given to those who have been named as suspects or accused of criminal matters or respondents in fundamental rights applications for breaches such as illegal torture. We know that there are serious charges against police for torture and death in their custody and other human rights violations.

“We often hear how police nab underworld criminals and drug dealers. Thereafter we are told that they were taken out to find a hidden haul of weapons or contraband and the suspect tried to escape so the police had to shoot at him. There is a long list of names such as Kosgoda Tharaka, Ooru Juva, Makandure Madush, Tinker Lasantha, etc etc. We do not speak for the sake of drug dealers or underworld criminals. We demand only that extra judicial killings should be stopped. There is a judiciary and procedures. This way of eliminating the drug dealers prevent us finding the topmost operative of narcotic business. If the government wants to restore public faith on law and order, then it should operate within the law.

He said that the Bar Association wrote to the President on the need for the appointment of an officer with unblemished record to the IGP post. Thereafter a group of protesters were sent to protest opposite the Chamber of the Bar Association President. This is intimidation and threatening. We must stand against this,” Wickramaratne said.


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