By Rehan Fernando –

Rehan Derrick Fernando

These days Sri Lankans have found a new topic to continue their religious mythology to create more national crises. The plot of certain religious is quite successful since Jerome the so-called prophet has become a victim nowadays. Jerome Fernando got stuck with the concept of enlightenment since he overstressed Jesus the light of the world. Jerome has entirely forgotten or willingly has ignored that Jesus is appeared to be a light not only Christians but for the whole humanity. However, he did an overacting in mentioning Jesus’ name to create a superfluous religious Hullaballoo. 

Difference between a prophet and an artificial king

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The bible always speaks of contextual prophetic functions. Jesus himself fulfilled his prophetic function. However, biblical idea of a prophet goes beyond Jerome’s misuse and misconduct. A biblical prophet is ready to give his life and speak the truth. It is not a matter of just healing sicknesses and shouting with FM microphones. Instead, a real prophet has an obligation to represent God and his precepts. It is a matter of carrying God’s words who is just and faithful. 

Mistakenly or consciously, Jerome has carried out a luxury type setting for his preaching. It is not only an odd myth, but also a wrong Christian formula. I think Jerome is appeared to be an artificial king. He is not capable of carrying God’s message which is just. Thus, Jerome’s formula shows a massive political assistance behind the screen. That is what I call “mythological Jeromism.”

Sri Lankans who need something always

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In this country, one thing is very clear, this country cannot continue to exist without a fight or warfare, political struggle, protest and march, fire & water, uneducated politicians, huge cues for gas or fuel or dead constitution and so on. Sri Lanka gets its life through such bloodshed and killing of each other. 

Now, what Jerome has done is “illan parippu kemak.” If he really wanted to have a luxury type prosperity gospel witness, he could have done it in accordance with his super luxury structure. Yet, he began a superfluous religious hullaballoo in comparing non-Christian religious teachings with Christianity. That is a stupid gesture, and he showed his first-class luxury witness with a third-class comparison. If he has no proper knowledge of the sacred texts, then better he keeps his mouth shut. Unfortunately, he is also a Sri Lankan who needs something, a fight, or an issue. 

Along with Jerome’s foolishness, there is also another super group that is waiting to create more crises. They are none other than racists and nationalists. They have already come forward to punish Jerome, because for them, Jerome has an international plot. Therefore, a case can be easily filed to punish. Perhaps, Vimal Weerawansa can be a shouting-prophet now. 

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It’s a broken glass, cannot be fixed again

In my opinion, these types of problems in this country can be compared to broken glass which can never be fixed again. We hardly encounter true coexistence with better religious unity. All religions speak of the truth of life with different aspects. Such a diversity is not a fact for divisions among people. Instead, it must be a wonderful diversity for a meaningful unity. Unfortunately, Sri Lankan always carries pieces of a broken glass. There is no way to fix it. Once Bandaranaike came did a political division, while Sirimawo kept citizens in hunger. Afterwards, JR Jayewardene welcomed open economy in destroying local products and then Premadasa began to get rid of many to protect his inferiority complex. Then, Chandrika, Ranil and Mahinda governed this country in mythological hypocrisy. Later Gotabaya left the office without even informing his supporters. These are pieces of our broken glass. And we carry the rest of the pieces willingly and consciously now. 

Concluding remark

Jerome is promoting a myth; it is not true Christianity. The essence of a religion does not rely upon superfluous noises, but it depends on silence, contemplation, and discernment. I expect, at least by now, Sri Lankans would open their third eye and work as mature people. What Jerome follows now is nothing, but the myth of many others in this country. Jerome’s mythological U-turn reflects the basic attitude of Sri Lankans who misinterpret Sacred books. That is not true religiosity. 

A religious person should know that religion is dead now, but Dhamma remains as it is. So, relying on Dhamma must be the way of life. A man like so-called prophet Jerome will never understand the true essence of Dhamma. 



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