The History of Biryani | Explains

Biryani, one of the most beloved dishes in India and Pakistan, is iconic, regal, and dates back 3,000 years. Today, it has become a street food that is affordable and accessible to all–and it’s thanks to a brand that was launched in Karachi in the 1980’s: Shan Masalas. Usually made with meat and cooked in layers of spicy, tangy, and sweet flavors, Biryani is an elaborate rice dish. In the 1980’s, Shan Masala, packaged spice mixes, were launched–modernizing desi cuisine and freeing up many South Asian women’s time. In 2020 alone, Shan Masala made around $85 million USD in revenue. Mentions of Biryani have been found in Tamil poems that date as far back as 200 CE, to 17th century cookbooks from a royal Mughal kitchen. Biryani today represents several millennia of the subcontinent’s unique mix of different flavors, techniques and cooking cultures. Though there’s a lot of hype around who invented biryani and who has the best biryani, every region has delicious biryani–and comes with its own story. Host Ahmer Naqvi Producer Stephanie Tangkilisan Associate Producer Manal Ahmed Writer and Researcher Ahmer Naqvi Additional Writer and Researcher Manal Ahmed Director of Photography Muhammad Abbas Parkar Editor Rendy Abi Post Production Coordinator Skolastika Lupitawina Editor in Chief Keshia Hannam Head of Production Stephanie Tangkilisan Animator Fajar Alkan Graphic Design Samuel Kang Fitra Pratama Annie Zhao Additional Archival Material Latifs Inspired Getty Images Halal Chef Food Fusion Marion’s Kitchen Kashmir Tasty Treats Indian Food Loves You Divyakant Solanki Rana Hamza Saif – RHS Epicurious Joshua Weissman British Pathé BFI Sameer Kay Vlogs A Pakistani Kitchenette Kanwal Ki Duniya Mubashir Saddique Shan Foods The Food Ranger Strictly Dumpling Wikimedia Street Food PK Nambi Sankaran Amazon Pakistan Rare Videos Livemint Profit.pakistantoday Economic Times Karachi Street View – Pakistan Your Food Lab Max McFarlin Additional Music Olive Musique – Life as We Make It Ben Beiny – On the Winds of Change Tanager Kid – Door to Nowhere 



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