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Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Vadivel Suresh demanded an apology from Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa for failing to attend a meeting with estate workers in Madulsima recently.

He made these comments while addressing a May Day rally in Badulla.

“Even to my own leader, I say this. Sir, don’t discount us as small change. You didn’t attend the estate workers’ meeting in Madulsima. If you don’t apologize to our people, there will be no Vadivel Suresh in this journey with the SJB,” he said.

In February, the SJB Parliamentarian decided to resign from all posts he held with the party, when Premadasa failed to attend a meeting organized by MP Suresh. He charged that Premadasa who claimed he was not well to attend the meeting organized by Suresh, was seen at a different meeting elsewhere.

Addressing estate workers, the MP also criticized the government and the President for failing to address issues faced by the estate workers.

“The President is very talented, isn’t he? He got rid of petrol queues. Even last night he slashed fuel prices. I expected a message saying that he would have raised the wages of the estate workers, in the same vein,” he said.

MP Suresh charged that the government continued with the traditional discriminatory practices against the minorities.


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