Ajith Rohana

Ministry directive ‘malicious, arbitrary and unreasonable’

Two of the seven Senior DIGs suddenly transferred by police headquarters have refused to abide by the directive, demanding the immediate intervention of the National Police Commission (NPC).

Retired IGP Chandra Fernando heads the NPC.

The senior officers transferred with effect from 25 April, included Lalith Pathinayake, Ajith Rohana, S.C. Medawatte and W.K. Jayalath on what police headquarters called, service requirements.

Senior DIG of the Southern Province Ajith Rohana, who has been transferred to the Eastern Province, has informed Public Security Ministry Secretary Viyani Gunatilleke that he will not abide by the recent transfer order. He has said that the Ministry has no authority to issue such directives as in terms of the Constitution it was the responsibility of the NPC.

The former Police Spokesman has, in support of his argument, quoted Section 56 of the Police Ordinance and the verdict delivered in the State’s case against Wijesuriya, in 1974.

In a separate letter, addressed to the NPC Chairman, Senior DIG Rohana has accused Public Security Minister Tiran Alles of having an ulterior motive behind such a ‘malicious, arbitrary and unreasonable’ decision.

“The Minister does all these malicious acts to harass us and to protect one SDIG”, SDIG Ajith Rohana alleged.

According to senior DIG Rohana the transfer orders were issued following a conference Minister Alles had with Senior DIGs, on April 18, when Minister Alles reprimanded him over a letter he prepared on the instructions of the IGP. Subsequently, Minister Alles had summoned the Senior DIG, to his office, and expressed dissatisfaction over the law and order situation in the South. Senor DIG Rohana has requested the NPC to examine and compare the situation in the Western and Southern Provinces to ascertain the truth.

Meanwhile, Senior DIG Priyantha Weerasooriya also wrote to the Chairman of the National Police Commission, Chandra Fernando, requesting action against the ‘malicious, unreasonable and unjustifiable’ transfer.

In his letter, the SDIG explained that he had been transferred, with no proper reasoning and claimed that such ad-hoc transfers had occurred on several prior occasions, thereby creating frustration amongst the victimised officers.

“This practice will badly affect the image of a Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police, and solemnity of office of this rank, and also undervalued among the subordinate as well”, SDIG Weerasooriya said.

Thus, he called on the Police Commission to look into the matter and take the required action to disapprove of such transfer orders, issued by the Ministry (SF)


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