Minister Alles responds to media queries. (pic by Nimal Dayaratne)


Public Security Ministry consults Chinese Embassy

Allowing Chinese carrying two passports to enter SL:

by Shamindra Ferdinando

Public Security Minister Tiran Alles yesterday (22) found fault with the Immigration and Emigration officers at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) for having allowed a Chinese national carrying two passports, to enter the country. Minister Alles said so when the media asked him why no action had been taken against the Immigration and Emigration officers and State Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Arundika Fernando (Gampaha District), for allegedly intervening on behalf of the wrongdoer.

The Chinese had been among a group of three detained at the BIA last Thursday (18) after he produced a forged passport purportedly issued by another country.

Disclosing that the group had arrived from Dubai, Minister Alles said that the Immigration and Emigration officers would be investigated and appropriate action taken.

When the media pointed out the culpability of State Minister Arundika Fernando, Alles said that the investigation would focus on the Immigration and Emigration Officers. He emphasised that regardless of representations made by politicians, or anybody else, including the media, public officials had to carry out their duties and functions properly.

Minister Alles revealed that the Chinese Embassy would be consulted on the issue and the Chinese national had been summoned to the Immigration and Emigration Department.

State Minister Fernando denied undue interference on his part. The lawmaker insisted that he intervened because the Chinese national in question was here on behalf of a company that was to investment as much as USD 100 mn to USD 150 mn.


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