Proceed with all teacher transfers immediately: Ministry writes to principals

13 May 2023 09:05 am – 1      – 817



The Education Ministry requested all school administrations to proceed with the current teacher transfer programme with immediate effect.

A letter in this regard was issued yesterday (11) to all school principals.

According to the transfer orders issued under the 2022 annual and ten-year transfers, the Ministry Secretary said the transferred teachers were reportedly not released from their services and transferred teachers were not given the opportunity to report for their duties.

“This is an illegal act. According to the transfer orders issued to all principals they should make arrangements for the immediate release of the transferred teachers from their schools,” the Ministry Secretary said.

Immediate arrangements should be made to hand over duties to the teachers who report for duty at their schools, he said.

After making the above arrangements, the Secretary requested all principals to report the details to him within three days. (Chaturanga Pradeep Samarawickrama)



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