Sajith urges govt. not to close down regional radio services



By Ranil Dharmasena and Akitha Perera

Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa, on Thursday, addressing the Parliament, urged the government not to close down the regional services of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC).It was revealed earlier that the SLBC was to close down all regional services, from 31 May, as they were loss making.

“Apparently, the SLBC will close down all regional services from 31 May due to financial difficulties. This is apparently a part of the government restructuring process of loss making state enterprises. Rajarata, Ruhuna and Kandurata services, Yaal FM, Dambana FM and Wayamba Radio are to be closed down. They say these institutions are inefficient. Who made them inefficient?” he asked.

Premadasa said that these regional services play an important role and that these institutions made profits for many decades.

“There are ways of continuing these services. Have a partnership with the private sector. Provide incentives for employees to work more efficiently. These regional services also helped a lot of upcoming artistes. Without Rajarata Service, there would have been no Gunadasa Kapuge,” he said.


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