Rayynor shifts tunes to Expolanka; buys 6 m shares for Rs. 800m

Friday, 23 June 2023 00:34 –      – 145

Rayynor Silva

Electronica media-fame Rayynor Silva yesterday shifted gears to trading picking up 6 million shares or 0.3% stake in the most valuable listed corporate Expolanka Holdings for Rs. 800 million.

Expolanka saw 6.3 million shares traded for Rs. 848.4 million accounting for 44% of CSE turnover yesterday.

Of that 6 million shares was done at Rs. 132.75 each and was bought by Rayynor. The seller was Sri Lanka Insurance.

Analysts said Rayynor had 4 million Expo shares previously and with yesterday’s purchase he has increased his exposure to 10 million. The deal was done by SC Securities.

The share price of Expolanka Holdings increased by Rs. 4.25 to Rs. 135.25.

Rayynor made a sensation last week racing to become the third largest private shareholder of Sampath Bank picking up 3% stake for Rs. 2 billion increasing his stake to 9.4%.



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