Pesticide resistant insect destroys onion cultivation in Jaffna peninsula



A close up of the insect. Pic courtesy Agromyzidae of Great Britain & Ireland

By Dinasena Ratugamage

Red onion cultivations in several areas of Jaffna have been destroyed by a pest attack.

The insect called the onion leaf miner is resistant to available pesticides, farmers complain.

Regional agricultural officials said that the insect had spread to Chunnakam, Tellippalai, Mathagal, Changanai, Achchuveli, Kopai and Wadamaarachchi.

The red onion farmers in the area complain of crop losses due to the pest attack.

“Part of the damage is connected to feeding punctures that provide entrance to fungus infections, but the main problem is the presence of numerous larvae and puparia,” an agriculture official told The Island.


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